Artwork by :

Dr. Tjutju Widjaja, S.Sn, M.Sn

Foto Ibu Tju

My works displayed in the exhibition entitled Syncretic Identity were produced in the range of 2018 to 2021. I chose the phrase Syncretic Identity as the title to describe the characteristics of the syncretic culture that was formed especially in the Chinese Indonesian diaspora community. The ability to adapt to new conditions and changes is one of the strengths of the diaspora, especially Chinese Indonesian which has become the main strength of their identity. This process of adaptation has been going on for centuries to produce a new form of culture and mentality which not only characterizes the “China-peranakan” in Indonesia, but has also become part of Indonesia’s own plural identity. I hope that with this exhibition activity, I can share what I believe is very important for all of us to understand: the preservation of indigenous cultural values in the midst of a very rapid globalization process.

I am honored for the opportunity that has been given to me by Hotel Intercontinental Bandung. Hopefully this collaboration is the first step of a mutually supportive collaboration between various parties, especially between Indonesian Artists and the Intercontinental Hotel Bandung. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to General Manager Mr. Pascal Caubo, Director of Operations Mr. Jonathan Lallemand and Marketing Communications Mrs. Dina Novia Faisal.

Salam Budaya,

Tjutju Widjaja

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